Arduino Maker Basic Kit


    Arduino Maker basic Kit is designed for absolute beginners – anyone just starting with Arduino.
    getting Started with Arduino has never been so easy!

    Arduino Basic Starter Kit in Pakistan

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    An Arduino is a prototyping board used for various electrical projects by Students, hobbyists, engineers, designers, and anyone interested in Programmable electronics.

    Because of small size, low cost and ease of programming, Arduino is used by thousands of makers all around the world to build amazing projects. Young students and beginners also use it to learn basic programming and electronics.

    Arduino is also a need for schools providing STEM education and Activity-based learning. Prototyping various science concepts became easier by using Arduino and attaching other electrical components to it.

    Box Pic shown here is for reference only. Original box packaging may differ.

    Arduino Maker Basic Kit Includes:

    Sr.Components IncludedQuantity
    1Arduino Uno R31
    2USB cable1
    3Breadboard MB1021
    4LDR sensor Digital1
    5Ultrasonic sensor1
    6Potentiometer 10Kohm1
    7Push Button10
    8LEDs (Red, green yellow)30 (10 each)
    99V battery with Connector1
    10Jumper wires M to M1 set
    11Jumper wires M to F1 set
    12Jumper wires F to F 1 set
    13Resistors 1k Ohm10
    14Resistors 220 ohm10
    15Resistors 10k ohm10
    16Resistors 4.7K ohm10
    17Resistors 1Mohm10
    18Plastic Packaging Box1


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