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Perfect for Smart Home and Smart Weather station related Projects – IoT Maker Basic Kit is a perfect solution for geeks learning to take a start with the internet of Things. Whether it’s about building a new Project or you only want to play around and get a Know-How of what IoT is, IoT Maker Basic Kit provides you the freedom of making, creating and developing the smaller prototypes using the low-cost IoT components packed in a box.

Is it about your Final year Project? Do you feel hesitant to travel long in search of the required components? Look no further. This Kit has a perfect combination of components ready to build into an Awesome IoT product, by the hands of an enthusiast like you. 🙂

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IoT Maker Basic Kit Includes:

Sr.Components ListQuantity
1.ESP8266 WiFi NodeMCU Board1
2.Micro USB Cable1
3.DHT11 Temp. & Humidity sensor Breakout1
4.LDR Sensor Breakout1
5.2 Channel Relay1
6.BreadBoard MB1021
8.Push Button Caps3
9.Resistors (10 x 220 Ohm, 10 x 330 ohm, 5 x 1M Ohm)25
10.LED ( 4x Red, 4x Blue, 4x Green)12
11.Jumer Wires set M to M1
12.Jumper wires Set M to F1
13.Jumper wires Set F to F1
14.Plastic Box1


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