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Build 7 IoT Projects

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Best for: IoT Final year projects, Building IoT products in Pakistan

IoT Essentials Kit provide you the opportunity to start with, build a career or make final year projects in CS/IT or Engineering domain with ease. Hobbiysts and Makers can also use this Kit to build IoT based projects and test various ideas with making.

With this Kit in hand – you can build a minimum of 7 projects (Maximum is based on your creativity)

IoT Projects you can make:


if , at any stage, you feel stuck, we are always here to help and support. You can even book a dedicated one-to-one online zoom meeting with us by Clicking Here.

1ESP8266 WiFi NodeMCU Board1
2Micro USB Cable1
3DHT11 Temp. & Humidity sensor Breakout1
4LDR Sensor Breakout1
5MQ-135 gas Sensor1
6PIR motion sensor1
7Soil Moisture sensor Capacitive1
8Ultrasonic Sensor1
94 Channel Relay1
10Push Button Caps10
11Resistors (10 x 220 Ohm, 10 x 330 ohm, 5 x 1M Ohm)40
12LED ( 6x Red, 6x Blue, 6x Green)30
13Jumer Wires set M to M1
14Jumper wires Set M to F1
15Jumper wires Set F to F1
16BreadBoard MB1021
17Plastic Box1


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