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NodeMCU Starter Kit in Pakistan
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NodeMCU is a complete development board for playing around with IoT projects and developing Internet of things based products. Whether you plan to do a university project, have an idea of new IoT product in mind or just want to play with IoT, NodeMCU IoT starter Kit or NodeMCU IoT Kit – whatever you call it – by is the best product to Start with.

This Kit came with 6 essential Sensors including Temperature and Humidity sensor Module, LDR light sensor,gas Sensor, Motion sensor, Soil Moisture sensor, Ultrasonic sensor  to build the most outstanding IoT Projects and Products ranging from a Smart Home Security and Control system to an accurate Weather station.

With 3 sets of Jumper wires and Breadboard for solder-less connections, beautiful packing and with the promise of Timely and Quick Service – so that you can get the best value for your Price.

IoT Starter Kit – Value Pack Includes:

SrProducts ListQuantity
1ESP8266 WiFi NodeMCU Board1
2Micro USB Cable1
3DHT11 Temp. & Humidity sensor Breakout1
4LDR Sensor Breakout1
5PIR motion sensor1
6Soil Moisture sensor Capacitive1
72 Channel Relay1
9Push Button Caps6
10Resistors (10 x 220 Ohm, 10 x 330 ohm, 5 x 1M Ohm)25
11LED ( 6x Red, 6x Blue, 6x Green)18
12Jumer Wires set M to M1
Jumper wires Set M to F1
14Jumper wires Set F to F1
15BreadBoard MB1021
16Plastic Box1

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  1. Muhammad Abdullah (verified owner)

    Product was great. I first thought to purchase from hallroad, but a friend recommend me this. Nice value for price. I am satisfied.

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